Fashion Rules for Plus Size Clothing
One of the worst feelings you can get is when you visit a clothing store and find nothing that fits you. Finding plus size dresses can be a little tough, but today we have several brands available that cater specifically to plus size clothing needs of people.
Here is a look at some fashion rules to help you find a sexy plus size dress:
Fashion rules for Dresses
The beauty of a good dress is that it perfectly complements your body shape, so while shopping ensure that you choose a dress that is right for you. For those with a pear-shaped body and full thighs and hips, the best dress type is one with an A-line skirt that reaches 1-2 inches above the knee. For a woman with an apple-shaped body and a thick middle, dresses that make the torso look longer and draw attention to the lower body (below waist, that is) are the best. This is most effectively and effortlessly achieved with a sash or chain belt worn low on the hips.
Fashion rules for tops
Shirts are considered one of the best plus size tops for women. However, you must not limit yourself to long shirts and t-shirts. You can also get swing-shaped plus size jackets and blazers with a thin middle portion, combined with a long top underneath. Tops with stripes or other subtler vertical designs are also effective in giving you a slimmer look. Other vertical elements include lace or other small vertical edging, or shirt with similar embroidery patterns.
Fashion rules for skirts
If you are looking for skirts, try short ones that reach your knee and an A-line silhouette to let you move your hips more freely. Alternatively, you can get a skirt with some ruched details that let you move more comfortably while showing off a few curves. You can also pull off long skirts if you combine them with a slightly short top, but avoid pleated skirts wherever possible. They make you look older and your hips look wider.
Fashion rules for pants
If you are looking for trousers or pants, get petite or junior plus size ones for the right look. If you have large hips, get wider trousers to balance them, or try skinny slim pants with matching colored shoes to make your legs look longer and take the focus off your width.
These fashion rules are helpful, but do not take them as the final word. Try out different types of tops, skirts, and pants that you think may suit you and remember to bring someone with you when you shop who you can trust for fashion advice.

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